Perseverance or the art of going further.

 Perseverance or the art of going further.

And yes perseverance is an art that only seasoned artists can understand. 
But everyone can be an artist, Picasso, Raphael or Leonardo Da Vinci are not born artists they have become.MLM, London, DreamTrips

How to move from stagnation to perseverance?

Find your dream, your purpose in life, or are you today? Where do you want to be in five years and why? Your why is important it is elsewhere the most important.

Then come the intention, often we are not even aware of our internal intent.

If your intention is and to have money in the principle it's great, but the universe has trouble with this kind of intentions, if your intention is to be happy and enjoy life then the universe will give you money.

Money is a difficult lover to conquer, it is very coveted but not much happens to have it. This lover likes to come from himself as a gift, a blessing.

As in meditation you know?

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Eyes close you have pictures and at the moment your consciousness looks at them they disappear. Like a cache game.

Poem by an unknown artist

Perseverance Lesson


 Have you ever seen the attitude of birds in the face of adversity?

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For days and days they make their nest, collecting materials sometimes brought back from far away. And when they are finished and ready to deposit the eggs, the weather or the work of the human being or of any animal destroys it and sends to the ground what they have done with so much effort. What does the bird do?

He paralyzes himself and abandons the task?

In any way. It starts again and again until the first eggs appear in the nest. Sometimes – very often – before the chicks are born, an animal, a child, a storm once again destroys the nest, but this time with its precious contents.

It hurts to start from scratch … even so, the bird never shuts down or recedes, it continues to sing and build, build and sing.


Have you ever felt that your life, your work, your family are not what you dreamed of?

Do you sometimes want to say "enough", the effort is not worth the trouble,

Is that too much for me?

Are you tired of starting over, wasting the daily struggle, trust betrayed, unattained goals when you were about to get there?

Life strikes you like this sometimes, but never surrender, say a prayer, put your hope forward and go.


Don't worry if in battle you get an injury, you have to expect it. Gather the pieces of your hope, rebuild it and go back again.

No matter what happens … do not falter, go ahead..

Life is a constant challenge, but it is worthwhile to accept it

And above all … never stop singing, dreaming, laughing.

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