Why I chose MLM or network marketing?

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You want to be a football player? Pelé you will have a center!

You want to be a cook? Paul Bocuse will teach you in his kitchen!

You want to be tennis man? Martina Hingis or Roger Federer will lend you their rackets!

Mlm. TravelDo you understand what I'm talking about?

If you want to be the best (e) You need to identify with those who have succeeded.

What for?

Because they simply succeeded or others failed.

Have you read books on the Law of Attraction?

They understood it, integrated it and applied it to their daily lives.

I chose MLM or network marketing for several reasons:
The first is the only way that I have found to be remunerated has its fair value based on my efforts and my investment.

Then for the freedom that this mode of work provides, do not think that I do nothing! I work even more than before but I am free, free to choose with whom I work, at what time and especially in what place on the planet.

I love traveling, I like to be able to work as much on the day as at night, I like to see my prospects succeed better than me, it gives me immense joy and satisfaction.

Nature Coach for me the courses I made in this area were just for paper, it's something I've always done as something innate boosting people, bringing them solutions, the meters on the rails.

You are not there to sell anything, you are there to bring a more value in the life of your prospects
To succeed in the MLM the first of the rules is that you have to help others succeed, you work alone for you but you are always in a team. If you are the only one to succeed and to burn the ranks, you may soon find yourself lost.


Mihael Tamburrini





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