Attention Networker


The information you receive on the following pages can destabilise your organization, make you stay without collaborators, and with the account in red.

If you want to succeed in in the network marketing then you must absolutely read this confidential letter written just for you.

You really want to go on?

A message for all these networkers who want to live this activity…
About 2 years ago I started a great network marketing with as products trips, after a few months I started throwing flaming stones against all the leaders of network marketing companies.  

You wonder what you have to see in there, don't you?

Tell me, do you want to eliminate the rejection forever… and discover a fast and advanced system that attracts contacts and qualifies them for you, who raises you to the ranks of leaders and makes you "famous", supporting your brand position?

Do you want to become a real pro of network marketing and to consult exclusively with the development of your dowlines and yours?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place

We're taking you for a fool!

I know that you too are asking questions, but there are five great lies that are told to you over and over again and that after a few months go back to their lives that he hated so much, with less money and broken dreams.

I'm going to tell you a story but I need your greatest attention.

You ready to go?

I know you're full of goodwill, and you've listened to stories, too, but you're only one number for your leaders.

Forgive me the term but it's like that and I'll be very raw and direct, my goal is that you see the reality of MLM in front and give you the best tools to succeed.

First of all they have to play with your emotions, and the energy of your dreams!!!

They tell you that you have to bring people to their weekend events, or have a private session, with the illusion that once you have sponsored these three people who have sponsored 3 people and they will have duplicated you will have an annuity until the end of Your days. : Cry:: Cry:: Cry: 

They tell you that you have to believe and talk about toi…et that you are not there to sell.

You've heard those words, too, haven't you?

But you know what?

If today you have not achieved the results hoped for and dreamed it is because of these lies.

These are the lies that make you lose face in front of friends, relatives, ex-boyfriends, your colleagues but without ever having the urge to follow you and even make fun of you.

Who am I to say this?

My name is Melhael Gilbert Tamburrini I know this is a bit of a protocol, but we had to get acquainted.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a professional networker, I've seen that old MLM techniques no longer work as before and that the world has to change.

So I change too!

In fact, if you happen to be here, we already have a lot in common, right?

As I said, at first things were really horrible.

In fact, just like you, I had arrived at a moment of saturation mixed with despair because I was tired of not advancing.

I'm going to ask you, aren't you sick of it, too?

you sick of friends or relatives who don't care about you?

❌ Every month end look at your account and ask how you're going to go to the next vents?

❌ write messages to foreigners on Facebook because what you were told that on 100, at least two answer you?

❌ everyone laughs at you when you talk about your business?


Ok.. If you answered yes, at least one of these questions you are on the right page and it is better that you continue to read…

Because finally from now on your company could change forever.

I too have lived on my skin all that you have experienced or you still live now.
I felt bad at night. And I felt guilty for every little expense I did to keep my dream of freedom,

In fact, after so much effort, money spent and many insults, I understood what was really wrong.

This thanks to the fact that I understood two important things:

We are in 2018 and we have to use the web has its full potential (and not by putting a photo by being at the beach and send to your Facebook friends saying I'm at the beach I earn money ask me how do I? No brothel by principle I will not ask you how you do) many earns 1500 euro a month and we need solutions no tourists.

-How to acquire leadership and brand position and why would people follow me?

But beyond, at that time, the most important thing for me was to make this passion in an ethical and honest way. Remember your registrants need you you made them a promise it's your job to bring them to their dreams.

You are the bridge between where they are and where they want to be.

And I saw that I could do it.

I really helped people with the products I was selling.

I'll tell you more…

 I had gone against everything and everyone, studying the laws of internet marketing or I had created the first funnels that brought me an average of 3 new agents each month, completely automatically with only 5 euros per day of advertising.

What is the price of a register for you? 20, 100, 1000….

You have to become a business manager and it's not just by talking about you that it's going to work.

It is precisely for this reason that, about a year and a half ago, I decided to create my own trainings. Aillant worked 10 years in the sale with a team and then with a diploma of FSEA1 of adult trainer and practitioner in hypnosis I studied marketing, communication, how to acquire a brand position and stand out from others.

Why would I follow you? Ask yourself the question.

What do you have more than others to arouse this desire?

If you got here it's for a very specific reason and probably the main factors are 4:
You're at the beginning and you don't even know how, where, what when to leave?

Stuck in the business as if you were at the junction of a big city at peak times when you have to go on a date?

I know you are one of those hungry networkers to learn more and more. Of those who do not stop at the first instructions of the company's courses… (and it's excellent).

You are one of those networkers who did everything, followed all the courses possible and imaginable, without having yet acquired a strand of new distributors.

Warning—Not read what I wrote until you are ready to hear the truth.

These are the five biggest lies in MLM.

You have to understand that there are skills necessary to succeed in this business, and we will now look at all the problems that are encountered at present time.

1: Lack of leadership, we are attracting people to success, if you can't coach yourself how do you want to do it with others?

2: The ability to sell communication and relational, how to make happen what you want in the hearts of people you want to recruit, the day of today people receive between 2500 and 3000 pubs a day in their head attention is no longer the same as before you do is to learn a new mode of communication, that of the web, social networks, how to automate your recruitment to spend the major part of your time has your own training and that of your prospects and not to run behind everyone and take you 2000 No Before your first yes. Now you understand why people don't listen to you. When you make your presentation or invitations we treat you like you have the plague, you must first understand if the person in front of you is ready to make the decision to change his life and if your concept can be the solution for it , remember, you're the one who helped her first. You have to find these fears, objections and bring a viable solution to all these questions.

3: Another of the worries is that your leaders tell you that you are not there to sell just offer a gift, it's a big crap yes you are there to sell and in the eyes of the laws it's direct selling plus it's a double sale the product and you have to Selling envy has the person to change his life and follow you.

4: You have marketing courses, sales of how to recruit customers, how to close or invite, but do you have any courses of network marketing in itself?

The key word is the marketing that you have to insert into your presentations so beautiful they are. The sale is nothing without marketing, if you do not acquire that you will not do anything, some have innate in them but for others it learns.

And it's my role to teach you this, I've been 10 years in the best sellers in the country I know what I'm talking about.

5: As Networker the first thing you have to sell before your product is yourself, ask yourself the question, what makes you different from the others?

6: Another concern is duplication, not many get there, duplicating your enthusiasm and your desire to help others is excellent, but you have to duplicate your methods and be an expert above all inspire confidence. You have to make your register duplicate faster than you, it's your duty to take care of these people you made them a promise to change their lives like me today with you. You have to give them instruments of the techniques that work, and not just play on their energy from the beginning and if they can't tell them it's because you didn't do this or that.

7: Now you've figured out why most Networker never starts!

Where you find yourself now don't matter you just have to make the choice and put it into action, as much your diplomas as it skills don't matter here. I will show you steps in stages how to succeed quickly and well and exceed your uplines and you will tell you I did it!!

Your leaders don't tell you what's going to follow,

 You're going to know the truth.

1: It is only question of number, do not be afraid that they tell you no, the more you do the more chance, speaks to 100 people invites in 10 and 1 sign. This is one of the biggest crap that is still told now in MLM. 95% of Networker registrants do not earn more than they have invested. There are only 5% of Networker who really earn their lives and live their dreams, so on 100 people save you just 5 you understand why now it's not just a matter of numbers.

My question is how to make the 95% successful?

2: That the next person will take you to the presidency so do not let anything continue it is surely the next, you can also tell him to scrape games to tobaccos C is exactly the same thing.

You cannot based your activity on hope, it's disgusting to do that.

3: That you have to spend bcp of time to make contacts, to speak to a max of people.

Is that talking to you?

A networker has to spend most of his time training himself and these downlines. I'll explain how to automate this later. How to create quality leads and a conversion tunnel so that everything is automate at 90% and the only thing for you is to pick up your phone to register your prospect. And a system that explains offline how to educate your new scribe to duplicate as a professional so that you focus on energy and things really important for your downlines.

4: That you are not there to sell, that you are there to offer a gift, and yes in the network marketing you make direct sales, and in addition a double sale your product and envy has the person to change life and become an entrepreneur. In relational marketing or network marketing the word keys is marketing. Selling without marketing is nothing.

5: It is that we have already invented everything that you just have to do what the leader do, that too is an absurdity, there is only one Pelé or Messi, or Nadal and Federer, takes the 5 networkers around you and notes what they say wrong about them stand out by Contribution to this, make you unique does something more than the others. The world has changed the old school is obsolete one is in the air of digital and you have to learn how to work with it, these techniques of invitations, with the eagerness and edification the person will tell you yes and at the last moment shall have some things of Better to do, you have to find a way to get involved in recruiting. That's why you have to reinvent yourself. You need a system that will make your viral name on the networks, and your difference will solve people's problems.

Well structured network marketing goes through a big training, many it was believed that after an hour of training by Skype was going to become rich and famous, if it worked like that the whole earth would be rich.

It is essential, if you do not want to waste money and time, and understand how marketing works. Because you are in an activity where marketing is highly neglected, even if it makes all the difference.

It's official…
The old MLM School is dead.
And the Internet killed her.
Network marketing dinosaurs, who have created their physical and financial well-being, have been teaching for years, their technique and laws are now dead and buried with them. Because the Internet has completely changed the rules of the game. 

Attention these people have changed and impacted the lives of thousands of people and at their times both their books and lectures were what we did best in the matter.

There is no need to disturb people,

Make presentations in bars,

In the streets or in the homes of local people as if you were a sock salesman,

When you have the opportunity to take advantage of the WEB with an automatic system that does all the work "dirty" for you.

If you follow me and you do step by step what I teach you I promise you that we will go very far together.

We will work on your brand position is to say make your non viral on the net and bring out your first quality.

A how to automate your videos, emails with automatic replies so that it can work 24/7 with a targeted clientele, if you do not know who you sell you will not sell anything!

Automate the formations of your new register so that they can duplicate quickly and give them the best tools.

Success likes speed.

Non-verbal communication, body movements, hypnosis techniques and yes it is always the unconscious who buys.

A how to create a reference site and a professional Facebook page.

How to start from scratch and become a leader.

How to write articles and post structured that make people want to know more about you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information, you can now continue your life and your MLM and who knows it will work, or decide to follow me and become a professional of the web, the diffusion of advertisements, learn to have a warrior mind and Su Rtout that your registers are also successful is the most important point.

Here if you too like me you think that the network marketing is the future but you do not know how to launch your machine, if you too are tired of rejection and every night ask how you will, then comment right below, leave me your mail and your life V Have changed at all.

See you soon.

Melhael Gilbert Tamburrini.

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