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MLM, Network MarketingA few lines about me
After several years in decorative painting I found my way in sales, coaching, personnel management and training.

I also graduated from adult trainer and master level practitioner in hypnosis Eriksonniene.                                               

    After 10 years in a large fiber optic company and my dismissal I found myself in a world that I recognized more. The world of work had completely changed and I did not. 4 years of work under pay, loss of apartment and unable to receive my children I made the decision to change my life forever. 

I was looking for or going into my life, my dreams were taking more and more space, I wanted to be the best version of myself.

I never had much opportunity to travel in my life and one day I crossed my path a beautiful being that brought me this concept of travel completely brilliant and revolutionary.

Here I knew how I was going to set up my dreams now.

And you, have you ever started to realize your dreams?

My debut was difficult, I saw after a few weeks that I was not coachable, and that I knew nothing about network marketing. I put my pride aside I read Go Pro, followed by online training or seminar and I started to evolve very quickly as qualitative as quantitative.

People started joining my team, I improved my training and now I take a lot of time with my new registrants.
Loyal and going forward these are my first qualities that make me who I am.

What I'm going to show you when we work together is how to have time, and yes time is the most valuable thing in life.

Some have plenty of money but spend all their time at work, other work have no money and time, some do that to cross their children 15 min in the evening when coming home and its so tired.

They pass next to their lives and one morning wakes up with regrets.

If you're reading these few lines, you've already started changing your life.

You have already made the choice to become better to go further, and I commend you now that the life of your dreams will begin.

MLM, trainings, TravelsIt's YOUR life!!!

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