my story

A few lines on me!

After several years in decorative painting I found my way in coaching, personnel management and training. I also continue with a Masters in Eriksonian Hypnosis and NLP.

I was looking for or going in my life, my dreams were taking more and more space, I wanted to be the best version of myself.

I have never had much opportunity to travel in my life and one day, I came across a beautiful being who brought me this concept of travel completely awesome and revolutionary.

Here I knew how I was going to set up my dreams now. And you, have you already started realized your dreams?

I made the decision to change my life.

mlm, travel, bussiness

I gave myself the means with personal development, I set myself goals, every day an action towards my goal.

What I’m going to show you when we work together is how to have time, and yes time is the most precious thing in life. Some have money in abundance but spend all their time at work, other work do not have money and time, some do only cross their children 15 min in the evening when coming home and its so tired.

They spend next to their lives and one morning wakes up with regrets.

If you are reading these lines, it’s because you already have started to change your life. You have already made the choice to become better  to go further, and I congratulate you it is now that the life of your dreams will begin. It’s your life takes over!