The 7 steps to start well in relational marketing

Hello to all,

The seven steps to start well in relational marketing.

You start in relational marketing, you have the energy, the envy you want

Go fast and far but you don't know how

So these few lines are for you!!!                         

Success likes speed.

Here are some tips to put into practice to get started well.

But before that I would like you to know that the chaos that there is today on the planet is the first sign of an economic renaissance:-) 

The first step:

Melhael Tamburrini & Ed Blunt London 2017 This training has changed my life, thank you.

The decision which means you have to make the decision to change your life at all, make the decision to go further, to be happy and to cultivate this happiness every day.

The second step:

Your mindset your recruiter mentality you are there to make a gift, give a solution a tool to change the lives of the people you meet.

The third step:

Trainings: You have to train yourself, if you believe that after a presentation of one hour of a product and a training Skype you will have nothing understood let it fall.

My Promise and training:

-Develop your leadership 

-Study your shortcomings and set up your brand position.

-Market Research

-Body language learning, NLP & Hypnosis Technique

-Course and creation of a website, page of advertisements Facebbok and optimization of these to their full potential

-Courses on creating articles and sales letters $

-use of reprogramming techniques of the unconscious

-Communication Courses

The fourth step:

Develop good habits, a habit can be changed in 21 days. You can call it reprogramming cellular its name doesn't matter.

Replace bad habits with good ones, for example put every night 2 names on your list of prospects and in 6 months you will have 360 people in addition, read 10 pages of a book in the morning instead of throwing yourself on your phone, fix you objetcifs.

The fifth steps:

Always being ready, it means that you must always have enough to make your presentations, enough to have your prospect sign, the material has to give it back for good that it starts. You must always have a story to tell your your upline or downline, people do not remember your presentations, pictures or text But they remember the stories. Our ancestors were telling stories about the fire, our parents read a story to us before we slept, telling someone I'm going to tell you a story opens the first doors of his unconscious.

The sixth steps:DreamTrips

Enthusiasm, be enthusiastic at every moment, of course at the beginning you will have moments of down but cultivate your enthusiasm with exercises or visualizations, makes it become your natural state.

The seventh steps:

Think bigger, go beyond the limits, learn to surpass yourself do things with passion, at 120%, have a spirit of gladiator when training is over done 10 minutes more. You will see the universe will return it to you…

In bonus 7 mistakes to avoid.

1: Do not tell lies about your products or company, today with Internet everything can be known very quickly (eg: that your company is in the 30 place in the direct selling news and that it does not appear) on the contrary always check the info of people That tell you negative things about a company they're often wrong.

2: Incoherence and Inconstancy, many at the beginning are full of enthusiasm they even go to an international conference are completely thoroughly for 10 days and after nothing. They come and go as if nothing was going on, I know that some still have family or other imperatives. Do less but every day, be constant, every day an action towards your dream, otherwise no one will follow you.

3: Negativity: This emotion has several forms, negativity towards others a situation, a friend etc… Be benevolent in your words gestures and actions, remember you no one ever did the whole truth about a situation. There are 2 important parameters when you talk about something or someone, your beliefs and your energy state if you are tired or rested. Eat healthily, sleep well and cultivate your enthusiasm.

4: Follow the idea of the week: Some have a different idea every week when it comes to selling or recruiting, you can not jump from the rooster to the donkey like that, when a technique or new way of doing is set up it must be done with CHAP tion and well explained. People will have a lot of trouble following you.

5: Sleeping with your downline: something to avoid this can put chaos in your organization especially for leaders. Everything is known and your credibility is questioned. Next to that you can meet a great love which is very different.

6: Take leads from someone else: I know the temptation is great especially at the beginning, someone comes to you has already followed a presentation with someone from the company and you signed it, this is not correct, it will know and also your Credibility Serra questioned, in relational marketing you are foremost to help people your downline and those of other bloodlines too. Also recruit prospects that are in other lines and register them in your remember that your company is a big family.

7: Distributors that go from one company to another: Some distributors jumps from one company to another it seek the adrenaline from the beginning and has the slightest difficulty go for another. Often also those have negativity towards their former companies it's where you see the Gladiators. Some company like Apple have to go through moments of crises as in a couple too, would you leave has the slightest contradictions?

This article touches to its end it is a condenser by Eric Worre that I particularly like, I advise you to start well Go Pro you will understand a lot thanks to this book.

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