About/History of Travel and Marketing 2.0

"Those who do not know their history are exposed to it again. . ." Elie Wiesel

I was born in 1974, a time when work and money flowed.
After my dismissal five years ago I woke up in a world I knew more about.
The lack of money made me lose my apartment and I could not see my children, terrible thing.
I remember that day I was on a bench plus a sub in my pocket and at that moment I understood several things.
That in this world without money there is nothing, that I could no longer rely on a government or company to generate income or pay my pension and that I had to create my economy.
I was an excellent trainer in business, I helped many of my collaborators to find their ways, to find the best in them and to bring it out. I knew it was mine too and I had to find strategies to get it started.
But how?
I started with an adult trainer degree and then became a master practitioner in hypnosis.
I trained with the best to set up marketing strategies, web marketing and verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal communication.

Good enough to talk about me now, what can I bring you?

Today I can say: I know the way back from hell and I can show you, tag it to you, I can show you how to duplicate your dowlines or start your business with the techniques of web and communication that we use on time Current.
All this allowed me to learn intense things that I can now retransmit, the mindset, the mentality to have in case of hard blows, how to recover from a failure, the implementation of strategies, how to change these beliefs, the management of time and The energy. 
My mission is to put back, to trace and to mark the path that will lead you to realize your dreams.
Melhael Gilbert Tamburrini


My mission is to bring out the best of you and give you the best tools.

. How to objectify your dreams, gain leadership, make people want to follow you, how to become a social network and Net Pro, study non-verbal language and many other things that you will soon discover.

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